Optimism & Arbitrum support coming soon.

The wallet
web3 deserves.

Tally Ho is the first wallet
owned by its users.

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Finally, an alternative to MetaMask

Tally Ho makes it safe and easy to connect to DeFi and web3.
It’s got everything you need from MetaMask, plus lots more to love:

Way cheaper swaps.

Tally Ho Swaps are half the price of other wallets. And there are no hidden fees.

Nothing to hide.

Tally Ho is 100% open source.

Ledger support that actually works.

Brought to you by a community of developers that listens to users.

Owned by a community, not a conglomerate.

All wallet fees go to the Tally Ho community.

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L2 Support

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More EVM Chains

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Supported by the biggest projects in web3.

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A loyal friend for your favorite browser.

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